Monday, February 15, 2016

The Murder House - part 2 - Axe Buried in Unfortunate Wife's Head:

In 1981 plans were made to shift an old villa by barge to land at Rawhiti. That house came from 150 Bank St in Whangarei.

Formerly known as Glucina House, it was also known as the Huimai Boarding House, run by Mary Hammon and her husband Daniel.

The story of the murder of Mary Hammon is horrific indeed, sad in the extreme, and a telling account of the reality faced by a lot of our great grandmothers.  The fact that this house is sited on the most sacred waahi tapu of Ngati Kuta o Te Rawhiti is an obscene travesty given its history - on top of everything else.

This land is the site of at least two historic archaeological sites, it is highly valued and treasured waahi tapu with huge spiritual significance to tangata whenua, and the history - and illegality - of what's gone on on this land is being uncovered.

The penultimate paragraph of the account of the history of the house (above) states that it is believed that the house has recently been removed to Rawhiti. 

It is completely unacceptable that this house is occupying the waahi tapu of Ngati Kuta at all and completely unacceptable that Julian Batchelor has been able to continue destroying the environment, chopping down trees when he only had permission to "trim" them, carrying out unconsented work and unlawful activity including theft, cause serious pollution and erosion, and the attitude of the Far North District Council is so laissez faire about it all.

- With grateful appreciation to the staff at the Whangarei Public Library for their invaluable research assistance.

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